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The ORD Solutions RoVa3D Version 2 is a stellar improvement over their offering we reviewed last year, the MH3000. This upgrade features an improved design, keener precision and continued value for your money. We couldn’t think of a better 3D printer in its class to top our list of iReviews best 3D printers under $5000. ..

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ORD Solutions RoVa3D Version 2

Price: $3,495

1. 5 print heads.
2. Made from space-age durable materials.
3. Incredible precision and reliability.
1. Higher priced than most printers in its class.
2. Design is functional more than stylish.

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ORD Solutions RoVa3D Version 2The ORD Solutions RoVa3D Version 2 is a stellar improvement over their offering we reviewed last year, the MH3000. This upgrade features an improved design, keener precision and continued value for your money. We couldn’t think of a better 3D printer in its class to top our list of iReviews best 3D printers under $5000.

The RoVa3D is manufactured with space-age components in a way that provides enhanced durability to an already solid product. The MH3000 was already a cut above the rest, and it is a true testament to ORD Solutions and their dedication to providing the best in the industry by surpassing even themselves. While other companies would consider an already superior offering sufficient and choose to continue to market a product until the market catches up and demands improvements, ORD Solutions heads those other companies off at the pass by continuing to proactively stay ahead in a quickly advancing field.

In addition to being able to print at layer thicknesses down to 25 microns, the RoVa3D Version 2 also comes with the ability to install extruders with 5 different thickness levels, ensuring that, no matter the job, you will be able to find the right combination of attributes and materials needed to produce finely detailed prints and high quality results overall. Being equipped with 5 heads also allows for faster, better quality and more efficient multi-color and multi-material printing. There is no need to interrupt a job to change spools of filaments and no danger of the job cooling to the extent that filament layers don’t bond to each other as well, producing fragile builds. With 5 heads, the heads and the print surface all stay within consistent specified temperature ranges.

The RoVa3D produces good sized builds as well, rivalling most of the printers in its class in yet another way. Precision motors and pulleys allow for consistent results from print job to print job with little to no variation. Liquid cooled hot ends prevent jamming and improve performance and the heated print bed is capable of getting up to temperature from a cold start quickly and consistently. In another revolutionary but extremely practical step, they use a combination of thermocouples and thermistors to ensure accurate and consistent reading of temperatures in both the low and high ranges. They have found so many ways to get the most out of their printers, as well as the components with which they’re built.

One of the convenience factors added to this printer is the inclusion of a 7 inch Android touch screen tablet with SD card capabilities to allow printing on the fly without the need to be connected to a computer. Simply configure your design on the Android app, save it to the SD card, and then transfer the file to your printer via the card. You will be up and printing, producing quality results in no time and with very little effort. The ORD Solutions RoVa3D Version 2 is all of that and more, a worthy addition to anyone’s small or medium business manufacturing arsenal, and a worthy choice as iReviews top pick for 2015 best 3D printer under $5000.

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  1. Marshall December 29, 2015

    Very poor experience with this company. After 3 weeks the item had not shipped so I decided to cancel.
    Immediately Jenn became rude and made it clear they were not going to refund my money.
    They sent cheap Chinese filament in an effort to pacify me, and have uploaded that tracking number to Paypal in an effort to keep over $2500 I paid for the printer.
    Avoid unless you want to get ripped off!

    • Jenn Gibson February 14, 2016

      This is Jenn, Vice President of ORD Solutions. I just want to mention our lead time is normally 2 weeks. We were a bit behind because of the holiday rush and UPS (who we normally ship with) was behind in their pickups). Your printer was ready and in the box waiting for pick up from the shipping company when you asked for a refund. I logged into Paypal to refund your money the same day as your request (hours after actually). When I logged in you had already filed a dispute. Had you waited and allowed us to refund you like we said we would, the refund would have been instantaneous. However the dispute made it so the money was taken from our account and it was in the hands of PayPal.

  2. Jenn Gibson February 14, 2016


    The length of time it took them to give you the money was not because of us. During this time you continued to ask me to refund you the money directly. I could not at that point because PayPal had your money. The reason for the tracking number being provided to PayPal was because you had already received 5 spools of filament from us as part of our Cyber Monday special (order a RoVa3D and get 5 free spools of filament). Our filament is sent separately from our printers as it is sent directly from our filament warehouse in the US (we are in Canada), so you received this before the printer. We provided the tracking number to PayPal for the filament because you did receive $150 worth of product. PayPal had automatically deducted the full amount from our account. We were simply letting them know that amount should be reduced by that $150, unless you were to send back the filament to us. Why should you get to keep free product for ordering a printer you didn’t get or pay for?

  3. Jenn Gibson February 14, 2016

    I don’t think I was rude to you at all. I am sorry that you felt that you were not dealt with the way you wanted. You mentioned to me the reason you cancelled your order wasn’t because we were late delivering but because you decided on a simpler printer. Thank you agreeing to return the filament to us. You received your full refund and I hope you were able to find a suitable printer for your needs.

  4. Mike April 20, 2016

    I too have had a bad experience with this company. More issues than I have time to type out and discuss so here is the short version. Linear shaft was loose, LED lighting in poor location, no Mac instructions, warped print bed, broken Z sensor, setup required drilling and modification of parts, support team doesn’t even work with Mac computers and couldn’t help, you need to use 4 extrudes at once to make use of the entire bed, only a small area (135x217mm) is reachable by all nozzles. I tried to be very patient and even offered ideas as to how they could improve the design and they refused to return my money. I still haven’t received the filament I ordered and even though I asked I still haven’t been refunded for that either. What a waste of my hard earned money.


  5. andreas June 3, 2016

    Is the printer still supported? Have there been any improvements since the last years?

  6. mike June 29, 2016

    Ugg I was thinking of buying one but these comments turned me off

  7. Joshua July 4, 2016

    Could we get an official response from the manufacturer in regard to build quality. I’m evaluating multi-material printers and this appears to be a suitable option for my purposes. I have no vain need for being treated as royalty by customer service, and fully expect lead times with a small startup company. I just need a response to the accusations regarding quality. Including the validity of the accusations, if there’s any substance to them. And what improvements and measures are being taken to ensure a complete and functional product. I am understanding of teething issues with new designs, but don’t have a great deal of time to deal with back and forth on replacement parts, troubleshooting, and reliability issues.

  8. Derrick Roberts September 18, 2016

    Yeah, I was also about to buy this 3D printer, but seeing the above comments and no corresponding response from ORD has turned me off this printer. I think I’ll just go buy a single colour printer and the palette, as they seem to have a good solution to multi-colour printing.

    • Marc September 26, 2016

      I just bought this printer. It arrived in good working order and is an impressive machine. I have had a couple of good prints from it. I am having difficulties with the recommended simplicity3D software(S3D). S3D has a dual extruder wizard (I bought the dual ext version of the machine) but it is not yet configured to work with the ORD. Easy walk through documentation for the ORD with S3D is lacking and at this point in time I am frustrated, but I believe we will get past this. I have not found tech support to be rude but patience is required from both myself and the techs. I’ll post again in a couple of weeks.I chose this over the Lulzbot TAD6 because it is Canadian.

  9. Marc October 24, 2016

    I can say at this point that the machine is sound. Staff at ORD is reasonable and I am satisfied with my choice of this machine. There are a number of factors and caveats to consider when buying any machine. I will to leave a more elaborate review at our website probably in a few weeks.

  10. Thom November 12, 2016

    I am interest in further review andere remarketing as I am considering tot buy one of these machines.

  11. Unhappy John March 7, 2017

    I too found the company had poor tech support and follow up. Every time I asked form information all they sent me was the same owners manual. The coast for setup was over the hill, plus they charged for shipping, at theses prices. I wish I bought another more reliable print and brand. I have bad the printer for 6 months have been unable to print anything….

  12. Horton May 26, 2017

    Unfortunately the build quality is terrible. I personally found customer support to be fine, they were proactive in trying to find solutions for me. However the printer itself it of terrible quality and I have to fight with it sometimes for HOURS before I can get a single usable print.

  13. Marc December 30, 2017

    I have had this machine for over a year now. Overall I find the machine satisfactory and we do not regret the purchase. The machine does need a mindful operator and is not a consumer plug and play then forget about it device. I have a fuller review at

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